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Mike Blasius

Member since 2014

I remember when I initially moved to Ramsey as a high school student I was blown away by the inclusive nature of the community. My prior high school would never have seen the captain of the football team, several members of the marching band, the valedictorian and a couple dudes leaning toward joining a Harley gang all hanging together at a local party. I became involved with the RMA seven years ago when yet another local child died of an overdose due to their opioid addiction. 


I felt that something was lacking in our otherwise wonderful community.  How were the friends and families of these kids incapable of heading these problems off before they became too serious? I was aware of situations where friends, classmates, teachers, siblings, parents all knew about a problem yet proved powerless to stop it.


By contributing in the RMA's efforts to increase awareness about the dangers of opioid use/abuse and other issues (like overall mental well-being as we try to adjust to life during a pandemic) I feel like I am doing my part to help keep Ramsey great. 


Life has become so complex and disconnected where each of us has the whole world at our fingertips yet not enough time to connect to each other personally and it is those connections that make life wonderful. If we each give back a little to our community we can help keep those connections going to ensure a higher quality of life for everyone in Ramsey.

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