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We’ve Reorganized!

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

The Ramsey Municipal Alliance congratulates our outgoing Chairperson, Sara Poppe, on her recent election to Ramsey Town Council. The RMA is grateful to Sara for her invaluable contributions to our organization and our community. Sara's dedication and vision for RMA are responsible for making the organization what it is today. We are grateful that Sara will continue to participate on our committee as our liaison to the Council. Taking her place as chair is Dr. Shauna Lauricella, who has served as the RMA Grant Coordinator for the last two years. Charlene Menshikov will be our new Grant Coordinator. Charlene has been a member of RMA for two years and has a background in business. We would also like to welcome Father Nicholas Sertich, of Saint Paul’s Catholic Church, who joined RMA in December of 2021.

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